Who I Am

I was trained as an Obstetrican and Gynecologist finishing residency training in 1993. From that time until 2004 I had a thriving, growing practice. I was drawn to incorporate alternative and complementary medical practices into my work and starting in 2005 I shifted my practice from Ob/Gyn to Preventative and Regenerative Medicine. In this practice, I see a variety of men and women of all ages who are interested in a new paradigm for health and well being.  This new paradigm encompasses the feeling state of life force fully inhabiting the body. Many do not have this language to describe what they are looking for but all come to me to find a natural path to feeling healthy, calm and able to cope with life stresses. This desired state of health opens the door to increases in joy and vitality.

Life fully felt in the body is characterized by a deep sense of peace highlighted by moments of deep joy or bliss. To facilitate people in coming home to this natural way of being I employ the use of life practices, customized nutriceutical supplements and bio-identical or natural hormones. Each individuals current hormonal status is evaluated through a combination of laboratory analysis and detailed personal history.  This information, coupled with my years of expertise allow us to formulate a unique treatment plan. The goal with utilization of these supportive treatments is to open the body to experience more fully its natural state of being.  I will coach individuals to increase awareness of their day to day lives and to find their own unique path to feeling fully alive in their bodies.  When one commits to this life practice it feels natural to share this place of hope and encouragement with everyone in their lives. This is the new paradigm of health and it is available to every human being. Join us now!

Life issues that frequently draw people to my practice and the quest for this new paradigm of health include; menopause, andropause, puberty, thyroid issues, sexual difficulties, fatigue, insomnia , weight management, adrenal fatigue, mood disorders and stress management. A new breed of client to walk through my doors are those who feel the discomfort of just surviving in an ordinary, “normal” life. These brave souls want to feel as good as they possibly can, not just to live a long, healthy life but to serve the world and share their good fortune as best they can. So whether there is currently a problem that motivates change or simply a desire to feel fully alive, the service I feel honored to provide is the ability to hold your vision of who you truly are and offer support to your physical, mental  and emotional body as you journey towards greater health and well being. You are the greatest gift you have for yourself and all those you love.